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What can I do to block advertisements?

Ad Annihilator is already shipped with banner and popup filters that block a lot of the ads. These filters contain frequently used advertiser sites so you don't even have to deal with most of advertisements manually. 

However, time goes on and new advertiser sites appear. To protect yourself against such advertisements all you have to do is to point on the advertisement and instruct Ad Annihilator to block it (see How to block banners? and How to block popups? for details).

And here Ad Annihilator demonstrates its unique feature: you point on the advertisement once and Ad Annihilator memorizes your choice and hereafter blocks not only that ad but only similar ones that come from this advertiser!

You have to deal with each advertiser only once and then Ad Annihilator will act as your true servant blocking advertisements for you! You'll never have to go through tedious advertisement blocking procedure, Ad Annihilator makes it easy to you! It becomes smarter and smarter while you work with it and blocks more and more advertisements.

To learn how to fight banners see How to block banners? and How to unblock banners?

To learn how to kill popups see How to block popups? and How to unblock popups?

Recommendations for advanced users

Ad Annihilator combines both easy-to-use and advanced advertisement blocking tools. Beginners find it sufficient using recommendations above to fight ads efficiently. However, for solving of advanced ad blocking tasks Ad Annihilator offers powerful and flexible banner and popup filters. See Understanding banner filters and Understanding popup filters for information on filters.

As an additional extension to filters Ad Annihilator supports "Block third-party resources" option (see Banner stopper tab). When this option is on, all third-party resources are blocked. For information on what third-party resources are see Ads on the web. Turning this option on may block a lot of advertisements at once without necessity to block resources independently from each advertiser site. However, this option may disrupt functioning of web sites and hide not only advertisements but other pictures as well. This is true for sites that retrieve all or some of their resources from other sites. Though the number of such sites is not too big, you should consider this factor and use "Block third-party resources" option with care.

As an alternative, Ad Annihilator supports per-site "Block third-party resources" option that allows blocking third-party resources only from specific sites. See Host properties window for more information.