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How to unblock cookies?

Sometimes web sites require that cookies are enabled. Such situations are discussed in Privacy on the web. With cookies disabled these sites may misbehave: for example, forget your login information or produce an inconvenient user experience requiring that you enter the same information multiple times. Such situations indicate that you have overdone cookie blocking and certain cookies may need to be unblocked.

This section details how to unblock an already blocked cookie. The process of cookie unblocking usually consists of two steps:

  1. You detect that certain cookies are blocked using Cookies window. The common reason for web site misbehavior is session and first-party cookie blocking so you should pay the most attention to them.
  2. You instruct Ad Annihilator to unblock cookies. Select the cookies you want to unblock in Cookies window and press "Unblock cookies of this type" button or right-click the cookie and select "Unblock cookies of this type" in the context menu.

To learn about cookie types see  Privacy on the web. For recommendations on cookie blocking policy see What could I do to protect my privacy?

An alternative way to unblock cookies from certain sites is from Documents tab:

  1. Right-click the site or a document that came from the site from which you want to unblock cookies
  2. Select "Unblock" and then "Cookies from this site" from the context menu.

Note that unblocking of a cookie unblocks not only that cookie but also all other cookies of the selected types.

To save your efforts for cookie unblocking you may want to check default cookie settings in Default cookies settings window. These settings are applied to all sites by default. You may wish to setup these settings so as not to block cookies that you need generally.

Advanced cookie unblocking

For advanced tasks with cookie unblocking use cookie filters. See Understanding cookie filters for more information.