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How to unblock banners?

If you blocked a banner and now see that you want to see it again, you need to unblock it. The methods used for unblocking are just the same as for banner blocking. The only difference you should instruct Ad Annihilator to unblock banner instead of blocking.

For more information on banner blocking see How to block banners? Below the differences between blocking and unblocking are detailed.

Easy and simple ways to block a banner

There are two basic ways to tell Ad Annihilator to unblock a banner:

  1. Point to the place where the banner was with the mouse and press Ctrl-Alt-U on the keyboard
  2. Right-click the place where the banner was with the mouse and select "Unblock this banner" from the context menu

The place for banners could be detected either by the following label Ad Annihilator displays instead of banner:

or by "Picture download aborted" icon such as on the following picture:

Note that the former label display may be turned off by "Show disabling filter instead of banner" option in Banner stopper tab of Ad Annihilator Options window.

Additionally, banner sniper may be used to detect banner boundaries.

You may also press Shift button altogether with this to see Resource Unblock window first. Using this dialog you may fine-tune the banner unblocking but this step is optional.

Ways to block banners for intermediate-level users

Banners may be unblocked from Progress and Resource windows the same way as blocked. The only difference is "Unblock this banner" should be selected from context menus which unblocks selected resource. Pressing Shift button when selecting this action shows Resource Unblock window.

Additional opportunities for advanced users

Advanced users may unblock banners using banner filers directly in Banner filters tab.